Financial accounts

  • Recording documents and receipts presented to us in digital or paper form and allocating them to an account
  • Open item accounting for debtors and creditors
  • Drafting payment proposal lists
  • Drafting and transferring advance VAT returns
  • Cost and activity accounting
  • Drafting and providing business assessments in paper, digital or online form
  • Drafting control and management reports with diagrams and graphs
  • Administering asset accounts
  • Preparing monthly and quarterly accounts
  • Payment processing
  • Supporting your in-house accounts department
    • Setting up financial, asset and cost accounts
    • Planning and organising accounting processes
    • Support through provision of qualified personnel for example in the case of shortages or late accounting
    • Recommendations when selecting and installing software programs

Payroll accounts

  • Salary and wage accounting for your staff including all related activities and drafting the necessary reports
  • Preparing all relevant statements
  • Conducting the entire payment process and, where necessary, managing trust accounts
  • Creating individual accounting vouchers
  • Support and cooperation with external wage tax audits and social security audits
  • Advice with all wage tax and social security matters
  • Processing travel expense accounts
  • Calculating holiday accruals

Tax returns and annual accounts

  • Tax returns for all types of tax for both restricted and unrestricted taxpayers
  • Calculating deferred tax and tax accruals
  • Financial accounts in accordance with the German Commercial Code and IFRS
  • Tax accounting and online tax filings
  • Receipts and expenditure accounting
  • Examining tax assessments

Advice regarding tax and business matters

  • Clarifying individual tax-related issues and providing ongoing support with all tax matters
  • Examining tax assessments and where necessary lodging appeals
  • Conducting objection procedures through the tax office and lawsuits before the financial courts
  • Applying for binding statements
  • Support with external tax audits
  • Succession planning
  • Tax-efficient structuring of deals, transactions and reorganisations.
  • Tax due diligence
  • Voluntary disclosures and representation in criminal and administrative proceedings relating to tax law